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Custom Solar Energy Systems and Solar Panels San Angelo, TX

Residential Homes, Commercial Businesses, and Off-Grid.
Great Value. Unbeatable Prices.

Why Solar Panels?

When you need solar installation in San Angelo, TX, West Texas Solar is here for you. We offer solar leasing and full purchase options, so we will have a solution to meet your needs, whether it's business or personal use, our solar professionals can custom design and install your solar panels. Solar panel costs vary depending on size of the project; however, our solar panel cost is competitive with other companies in San Angelo and beyond. Our solar company is the best choice for your home solar or rooftop solar, as we are the only NATIONALLY (NABCEP) certified installers in the Big Country. Your satisfaction with the system designed is guaranteed. 

Solar panels have been on the rise across residential neighborhoods throughout the nation and San Angelo is no exception. With an average of 251 days of sunshine per year, San Angelo, Texas is an ideal location to install solar panels. Our community can utilize the natural resources of the sun to generate the power needed to run their home or office.


We provide consulting services to help determine if solar panels are right for you, and we can design a solar panel system that not only saves you money but has a smaller footprint than other renewable energy alternatives. You may also benefit in your switch to solar with the many solar incentives offered statewide. In addition, we offer advice and installation for grid-tied solar systems, off-grid solutions, hybrid options, and a free solar estimate. 


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Whether it's time to reduce your dependency on the grid or minimize your carbon footprint, we can help. Solar panels last 25-30 years, and once installed, you will be able to save money on electricity and lower your monthly bills. Solar panels are now both more effective and affordable than ever.  Plus, according to the Appraisal Journal, installing solar panels can increase your home’s value roughly $20 for every $1 decrease in energy costs. If solar panels save a household $600 a year in electricity bills, that home's value may increase by $12,000.  Now that is a win-win scenario!

Our services include:

Solar Leasing - Reduce your upfront costs but enjoy the same savings as you would with a purchase.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement - Lock in your rate for 7-10 years and reduce your out-of-pocket costs over time.

Grid-Tied Solar Systems - Provides onsite energy generation connected to a grid with no off-grid capabilities. May qualify for tax incentives.

Off-Grid Systems - independent off grid power with battery backup capabilities. May qualify for tax incentives.


Prepare For Your EV Charging Needs

If you drive an EV or are thinking about buying an electric vehicle, we can design a solar system to provide the power you need and help reduce your carbon footprint.

These systems are generally much more extensive than other solar panel installations because of the energy storage needs.

We provide solar panel installation in San Angelo, TX, and system monitoring and maintenance plans that help you maximize your investment.

Have A Plan B For Electrical Outages

If you reside in San Angelo, TX, you know how hot it gets. The worst heatwaves can even cause outages because of rising electricity demand from homeowners running their AC units. Power outages can be downright inconvenient and frustrating for anyone.  However, they can be a thing of the past with a top-rated solar system.  No matter your needs, West Texas Solar has a system that can work with your power demands and financial budget.  Grid-tied, Off-grid or a hybrid solutions are all available.  Our team of experts can design and install the perfect system for you, your family and or your business.

Unreliable power is a growing problem during the summer months, so having a plan to power your home or business is essential if grid power goes down. Solar systems by West Texas Solar are extremely reliable backup power sources for you and your family.Did you know Texas is the 2nd highest state in the country for most solar panel installations?  That’s because we understand the need for alternative power sources, the need to save on your monthly utility bills and the need to  help save the environment.  We try to size systems where energy produced = energy used resulting in a net of $0.00 monthly utility bill; this means you will save on your utility bill as soon as the system is commissioned!

Solar technology has improved over the years and  they have become more effective. Solar technology can be costly initially to install, but they typically pay themselves off within 5-10 years and will continue to generate electricity for the system's entire lifespan. 

After that, it becomes pure profit as you save money on power bills and watch your investment pay itself off over time. You may also benefit from a Federal solar tax credit or State property tax exemption. While the state of Texas does not currently offer a state-wide rebate program, some local San Angelo utility companies do offer their own rebate programs for their customers.  And, there is no need to worry if your HOA will allow you to install solar panels because the Texas state legislature passed House Bill 362, which forbids HOA’s and other property owner associations from denying homeowners their right to install solar panels in their homes. Install solar today!


If you need solar installation in San Angelo, TX for your business or home, call West Texas Solar today.


We offer no-obligation quotes and consultations to help determine if solar is right for you.









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