“We have had our 10.7KW system for 4 months. Since installation we have only had to pay the minimum monthly meter charge and our meter is in the negative thus giving us a cushion for the cloudy days. The monthly savings is around $150 to $200 per month. The inverter company has a phone app that allows you to monitor your generation daily, monthly and yearly totals. We are very satisfied with our system, installation and support we have received from West Texas Solar. The system comes with a 10 year warranty and we get to write off 30% of the parts and installation cost on our income tax."

Pat / Hawley, TX / 10.7kW

"West Texas Solar did a great job installing a 5kW system on my barn.  They came out and figured out how many panels we needed, and also knew where to go to get a grant from energy companies to help pay for the system.  They made it a very easy, and no-hassle process for us, and we love the system.  It has operated just like we expected.  Even when an inverter failed on us after a little more than a year, it was no problem.  I simply called up West Texas Solar and they were able to get a new inverter under the warranty. They ordered the new inverter and came out and installed it for us at no charge!  

They are very responsive to all our questions and concerns and come out quickly to assess the situation if there is an issue.  I would highly recommend West Texas Solar to anyone who is considering installing a solar system.  They offer a great service at a great price.  You won't be disappointed in hiring them to install your solar system.  They do a 1st class job planning, installing, and maintaining our solar system, and they will do the same for you!"

Mike / Clyde, TX / 5kW

“Wow!  Finally a company that said what they were going to do, and they did it. We are very pleased with West Texas Solar. Great communication, product, and savings on our electric bill, just like they estimated. Very competitive price too.  Their system even came with a 10 year warranty. Post installation care was professionally handled promptly after the service request was made.

Magdalena / Abilene, TX / 5kW

"In 2015 West Texas Solar constructed a solar grid project at our home. I highly recommend this company if you are considering a solar grid project. The project was professionally engineered to fit our families needs. The solar panels have reduced our electric bill to 1/3 of the cost and continue to be very economical. Low maintenance, such as, walk through checks and visual checks are all that have been required for our system. The project was completed in a very timely manner from start to finish. I would like to state that we are very pleased with our solar project by West Texas Solar."

Tally / Clyde, TX / 12kW