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Residential Solar

Best residential solar panel installation Abilene, TX

Benefits to working with West Texas Solar:

  • Shingle, R-panel, tile, standing seam, and everything in between. No roof space, no problem. We can build a structure for your solar installation if needed. The solar structure itself also qualifies for the 26% Investment Tax Credit.

  • Certified Tesla power wall installers.

  • Latest solar technology with local expertise.

  • New Builds: Roll the Cost of the array into your home loan and start your new living experience with a net zero electric bill.

  • Fast and efficient customer service department.

  • Able to retrofit older solar energy systems to improve performance and output.

We combine your energy needs, available roof space, and aesthetic preferences, to customize your solar array for the most efficient and economical array possible. If your roof is shaded, or space is limited, we’ve got you covered. We customize solar structures to your preference and needs depending on if you want to park trucks, boats, mobile homes underneath, or simply provide some extra shade on your property. We will share/discuss all options and combine our professional opinion with your personal taste to specifically engineer the project to your needs! Solar panel costs will vary on the size and scope of the project; however, solar incentives are available for homeowners in Abilene. We pride ourselves on being one of the top solar companies in Texas.

Inflation Reduction Act information.

Why you should consider solar panels for your home:
  • Good return on investment - The money you will save on energy bills will outweigh the cost of the panel installation and maintenance over time.

  • Go green - Solar energy is better for the environment.

  • Increased property value - Already having solar panels installed on your home will appeal to buyers if you ever decide to sell it in the future.

  • Lower energy bills - The rising cost of fuel makes energy bills higher, but by having solar installed on your home, you get to create your own energy and save over time.

  • Minimal maintenance - Solar panels are made to endure all types of weather conditions.

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