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Oil & Gas Solar

Revolutionizing energy production in the oil and gas field.

WTS has partnered with MSSB motor to bring the Oil Industry the most exciting opportunity in over 50 years. We have combined a specially designed motor with a solar generating plant that will allow many sites other options other than the traditional grid power. This is cutting edge stuff that we don’t believe has been done like this anywhere in the world. We are doing this without batteries. These systems will allow the oil industry to drill in remote areas without worrying about paying huge contributions to utilities. It will also allow them to replace existing generators. Many of the sites have old deteriorated underground wire that is extremely expensive to repair, and once it is repaired, the wire goes bad somewhere else. Our system allows you to move on and leave the wire in place and put in our battery less solar generating plan and the cutting-edge motor to save you thousands of dollars.

We have licensed engineers on staff with over 70 years of experience in the power and solar industry that can help design the system you need. Call us or click here and help us help you.

Also, for those opportunities to reduce the cost of existing grid tied pump jacks, we can operate in parallel as well to save thousands on utility bills.

Some of you may just want to increase or begin your green portfolio. 


Inflation Reduction Act information.

Give us a call and let us help you. 

The opportunities are limitless.


  • Have set cost for energy at the well.

  • 1 time cost, eliminating monthly utility bills, weekly generator costs.

  • Save time by NOT waiting on utilities.

  • Drill anywhere without considering how far from power you are.

  • No moving parts, no maintenance, set it up and let the sun shine.

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