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West Texas Solar

Full-Service Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Abilene, TX Area

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Go Green!

Lower your company’s ​overall operating cost​.

Improve your carbon footprint.

Decrease tax liability.

Turn-key Professional Service

Energy Audit, Design, Engineering, and Installation all done in-House!

West Texas Solar
West Texas Solar

We are a locally owned family business that wants to help businesses make a positive change for the environment.

West Texas Solar is locally owned, operated, and dedicated to helping businesses in West Texas make a positive impact on the environment while also positively increasing the cash flow of their business. Get your commercial solar panels in Abilene, TX, today!

We offer expertise and guidance to help you take advantage of all available funding awarded to business owners deciding to invest in solar projects and Renewable energy. Including but not limited to entities such as the Federal Government, USDA, Utility companies.

West Texas Solar
West Texas Solar

Energy Audit

Energy Audits provide actionable insights to assess organizational energy usage and costs, providing commercial clients across Texas with tailored solar solutions to save money and lessen their carbon footprint. When your company or business is working to become more sustainable, energy audits from West Texas Solar can help to uncover areas of improvement and provide recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades.

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Trust West Texas Solar for expert residential and commercial solar installation in Abilene, TX. Our certified commercial solar panel installers know how to install a wide variety of solar systems, whether adding a solar array to your rooftop or adjacent land. Our ongoing customer service ensures you get the most from your solar investment.

In addition, our helpful and experienced staff and technicians can provide expert advice on the best implementation to suit your company's needs. West Texas Solar is unmatched among other solar companies in Abilene, Texas!

West Texas Solar

Rooftop Solar​

Rooftop solar is an increasingly popular choice for companies looking for a renewable energy solution. This empowers you to use your existing roof as a source of income, also protecting the business owner from the inflation of electric bills over the lifespan of the solar power system. In addition, Texas companies and organizations with real estate holdings can benefit from installing a rooftop solar energy system to help power their operations and take advantage of tax credits and other incentives to switch to solar in Abilene.

West Texas Solar

Solar Covered Parking​

Let your solar-covered parking address two issues simultaneously. First, keep vehicles parked underneath out of the way of direct sunlight. Second, businesses can use the state's abundant sunshine to generate clean energy for their operations.

Companies can utilize solar panel systems to support their sustainability efforts whether your covered parking area accommodates a handful of vehicles or hundreds. Along with the solar modules and inverters, the "solar structure" AKA Carport also qualifies for the 30% Investment Tax Credit allowing business owners to take advantage of discounted structure costs as well.
West Texas Solar


It's no secret that reliable electricity helps companies keep their operations running smoothly. However, depending on the nature of the business, a power outage can be even more problematic and cause severe financial losses and other liabilities due to service disruption. Generators help to minimize and avert these risks if the power goes out unexpectedly or the primary power grid fails.

Available in various sizes and models from which to choose, there is a size to suit the needs of every business, ranging from smaller generators for restaurants to large-scale generators for mission-critical organizations. By investing in a generator, companies can ensure that they are always prepared for unexpected power outages and minimize the disruption, risk, and financial losses that can result.


Energy Efficiency AC Replacements​

When it gets hot in Texas, keeping cool is of utmost importance - especially for businesses and companies with employees, visitors, and guests. Energy efficiency AC replacements from West Texas Solar help clients reduce their energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and keep the environment comfortable for everyone.

The Process:

01. Energy Audit: We will look at your current setup and recommend suggestions based on your needed power.

02. Design: Proposal that lists the energy savings.

03. Approval

04. We help you secure financing​ for the project. 

05. Installation

06. Monitor Operations and Maintenance to ensure your solar works properly throughout the product's warranty.

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West Texas Solar

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