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Custom Solar Energy Systems and Solar Panels Midland, TX

You're not alone in wanting a clean, renewable energy future. West Texas Solar is excited to provide solar installation to residential and commercial customers in Midland, TX.

Enjoy The Savings

Did you know that solar panels can slash your home energy bills by up to 90%? That is terrific for your wallet, but it's also helpful for the environment. With West Texas Solar, you can enjoy all of the benefits of solar without any of the hassle.


We work with care every step of the installation process, from start to finish. And, we provide service after the sale, so your solar system performs well for years to come.


Leading The Way In Solar - Midland Texas 

West Texas Solar is proud to be a leading provider of solar energy installation services in Midland, TX. We're committed to helping our customers save money and do their part for the environment.  

Sunshine is abundant in Midland, making it the perfect place to take advantage of all the benefits that solar power offers. 

Solar Panels - Our solar panel installation services are second to none. We only use the highest quality panels on the market, so you can be sure your investment will last for years to come.

Battery Backup - With a battery backup system from West Texas Solar, you maximize your solar system by saving stored energy for days when the skies aren't sunny. 

EV Charging Stations - If an electric vehicle is in your future, we can help you set up a home charging station. West Texas Solar offers both Level 1 and Level 2 stations to charge your vehicle at your convenience.


Flexible Solar Power Systems

Whether you want to power your home, an outbuilding, your business, or somewhere else, we have a solar solution that's just right for you. In addition, we offer financing options to qualified property owners to make going solar more affordable than ever. 

Grid-Tied Solar Systems - Grid-tied systems are the most popular type of solar installation. With this system, you can generate your power and sell any excess back to the grid.

Off-Grid Solar Systems - Off-grid solar systems are perfect for getting electricity to out-of-the-way places, such as lodges or outbuildings.

Hybrid Solar Systems - A hybrid system is the best of both worlds. With a hybrid system, you can generate your power and store it in batteries for use when the grid is down.


Why Choose West Texas Solar?


It's simple. We offer quality solar installation at the best prices in Midland, TX, to save on your monthly energy bills while also decreasing your reliance on the grid and your carbon footprint.

And we streamline the process by offering an instant ballpark solar estimate using satellites. Get yours now!









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