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Custom Solar Energy Systems and Solar Panels Big Spring, TX

Residential Homes, Commercial Businesses, and Off-Grid.
Great Value. Unbeatable Prices.

Why Solar Panels?

When you want a solar installation in Big Spring, TX, West Texas Solar is ready to help. We provide leasing and complete purchase alternatives so that whether you're looking for a business or personal use, we can help you find a solution that works for you.

We provide advice and installation for grid-connected solar systems and off-grid solutions. As a result, we can design a system that saves you money and has a more negligible environmental impact than other energy options. In addition, we provide guidance and installation for grid-tied and off-grid solar panels.


Renewable Energy For The Future

We can assist you in reducing your dependence on the grid or simply lowering your carbon impact. Solar panels last 25-30 years. Once installed, you'll save money on power and lower your monthly expenses.

Our services include:

Solar Power Purchase Agreement - Lock in your rate for 7-10 years and decrease your out-of-pocket expenses over time.

Solar Leasing - Keep upfront costs low and enjoy the benefits of solar energy for the term of your lease.

Off-Grid Systems - Works independently of grid power with battery backup capabilities. May qualify for tax incentives.

Grid-Tied Solar Systems - Provides energy generation on the premises connected to a grid but no off-grid capabilities. Tax incentives may be available.


Prepare For Your Electric Vehicle Charging Requirements

If you already have an EV or are thinking about purchasing one, we can construct a solar power system to meet your energy demands while lowering your carbon footprint.

Because of the energy storage requirements, these systems are generally much more extensive than other solar panel installations.

In Big Spring, TX, solar panel installation isn't only about installing the equipment. We also provide system monitoring and maintenance services so you can get the most out of your investment.

Install solar panels right now to take control of your power expenses!

Have A Backup Plan For
Electrical Failures

You know how uncomfortable Big Springs, TX, can get in the summer. The most extreme weather conditions might result in outages due to any number of reasons, including down wires, electrical grid issues, or spikes in demand.

This threat of outages is an increasing problem during the summer months when more people turn on their air conditioning for comfort. Therefore, it's wise to implement a strategy to keep your home or company operational if the grid goes down. Solar power systems from West Texas Solar are highly dependable backup sources for you and your family.

Solar systems are lengthy to set up, and they generally pay themselves off in 5-10 years and produce electricity for the system's entire life span. Make the switch to solar energy, using the solar tax credit, and save on your electricity bills today.

What Determines the Cost of Solar Panels in Big Spring, TX and Surrounding Areas?

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing solar energy including:

1. The size of the solar system

2. The type of solar panel

3. The brand and quality of solar panel

4. Your roof or structure the solar panels will be housed on

5. The installation company you choose to work with

6. Permits and fees necessary to install in your area


Call West Texas Solar now if you need solar installation in Big Spring, TX for your company or residence.


We provide free estimates and consultations and consultations to see whether solar is appropriate for you. We pride ourselves on being one of the best solar companies in Big Spring, TX.









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