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Do I Pay Property Taxes On Solar In Texas?

Hello there, fellow Texans! It's a beautiful sunny day in the Lone Star State, a perfect day to harness the sun's power. Yes, we're talking about solar energy - a clean, renewable, and, believe it or not, tax-friendly way to power your home. But you might wonder, "Do I pay property taxes on solar in Texas?" Stay with us because we're about to shine a light on the answer.

Solar In Texas, A Match Made In Heaven

First, let's discuss why solar is a fantastic option for us here in Texas. Of course, we get a lot of sunshine. And we're fortunate to have a state government that supports renewable energy, making solar panels an environmentally friendly choice and a financially savvy one.

With solar panels, you're investing in a future with a lower carbon footprint. You're reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and in doing so, you're doing your part to keep Texas beautiful for generations. But the benefits don't stop at the environment.

A Ray of Financial Sunshine: Texas's Property Tax Exemption

In many states, adding solar panels to a home might increase its value and, as a result, the property tax bill. But in Texas, we're lucky. The state provides a 100% property tax exemption for the added home value from solar panels. Yes, you read that right. So when you install solar panels on your Texas home, the increased value of your property due to those panels is not subject to property taxes.

This legislation is known as Texas Property Tax Code 11.27, and it's a game-changer. By offering this exemption, Texas is making a clear statement: we support renewable energy and want to make going solar a sound deal for homeowners who upgrade.

Imagine adding significant value to your home, reducing or even eliminating your electricity bill, and not paying a penny more in property taxes. That's the power of solar in Texas!

Reap The Benefits Of Solar Power

So, to answer the burning question: No, homeowners do not have to pay additional property taxes on solar in Texas. There are many other fantastic benefits of solar energy - the environmental impact, grid independence, and financial savings - without any increase in your property tax.

Isn't it time you soaked up the Texas sun to its full potential? So go solar to take advantage of Rebates and Incentives and embrace the bright, clean, and tax-friendly energy future! If you want to find out more or take the first step, contact us for guidance on your solar journey.

Remember, the sun shines brighter in Texas, especially when it's powering your home and fueling your savings! So, let's harness it together!

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