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Commercial Solar

Best commercial solar panel installation Abilene, TX

  • Cut your overhead, go green!

  • Great for healthcare, automotive, multi-family, storage, industrial facilities, covered parking.

  • USDA offers a 25% “Rural Energy for America” (REAP) Grant to agriculture producers with at least 50% of gross income coming from agriculture operations and any business outside of city limits or in a city with population lower than 20,000. See site for further details.

  • Utility companies such as AEP and Oncor offer incentives that cover over 30% of total cost off the top.

  • Need covered parking? Let it pay for itself while offsetting your utility cost, and using the 30% Investment Tax Credit toward the structure as well as the solar.

  • Combining Grants, Incentives, and Tax credits or just 2 of the three makes for an exceptionally speedy payback on an investment that is warrantied for 25 years.

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